about SWVA Rush

SWVA Rush covers all of Southwest Virginia. 

Announcement: Summer Tryouts Begin August 28th

Our Mission & Vision

Southwest Virginia Rush Soccer is committed to providing an unparalleled soccer experience for all who have interest in the game of soccer. Rush promotes the development of character, the electricity of competition and the importance of pure enjoyment. We accept the responsibility of teaching life lessons to our athletes to further their growth inside the game and out. We believe that all players should be afforded an equal opportunity to explore their potential and participate in challenging circumstances that will yield positive outcomes. We are committed to making soccer a pleasant, safe and rewarding experience for everyone involved, regardless of age or ability. Through quality coaching, sound leadership and absolute sincerity, Rush Soccer will work to be the best soccer club in the world.

Why Join SWVA Rush?

There are a lot of choices when it comes to where your soccer players should play!

We respect the choices that parents make based on their families needs. 

At SWVA Rush Soccer our job is to help develop every player that wears the Blue! Not just the top elite player. So we search for places to play where our families do not have to drive 5-6 hours to a match. If possible we try and keep travel for games to around 2 hours for the competetive teams. 

SWVA Rush believes that NO ONE should be left out due to finances or family situations. So we offer aide to families in need.

We know that there is a life after soccer so our goal is to develop players that will do amazing things in their communities and across the globe on or off the field!



SWVA Rush 

P.O. Box 1773

Radford, VA 24143 

Phone: 410.271.3897
Email: Soccer@swvarush.com


Monday - Thursday: 9:00a - 4:00p

Friday: 10:00a - 2:00p

Saturday & Sunday: Closed