Southwest Virginia Rush Soccer Club 

Competitive Team Fee Schedule 

Player fees based on half a seasonal year (spring only) participation or $425.00. 

2021-2022 Dates Event Amount
Fall Base Fees  Fall Only Total  $425
March 30, 2021  Registration open
June 15, 2021  Acceptance and Minimum Deposit Deadline  $125
July 15, 2021  Late Acceptance Fee Applied (if applicable)  $25
Aug 1, 2021  Installment Plan Automatic Draft Date #1  $110
Sept 1, 2021  Fall Installment Plan Automatic Draft Date #2  $110
Oct 1, 2021  Fall Installment Plan Automatic Draft Date #3  $110
  New Player Uniform (surcharge not included in fees)  $150 
Contingent Tournament Fees (TBD, varies by age group)  TBD
Cost Saving Comparison
Full Season Base Player Fees  $425  Installment Plan Base Player Fees  $425
– PIF Installment Fee Waiver  +$0  + Installment Plan Fee  +$30
Paid In Full Rate  $425  Full Year Installment Plan  $455
Late Acceptance Fee  +$0  Late Acceptance Fee (if applicable)  +$25
Lowest Player Fees  $425  Highest Player Fees  $480
*Note: Does not include $2.50 per transaction platform fee or variable tournament surcharges
Estimated Uniform and Training Gear Cost  $150 


See page 2 for policies and procedures.

2021-2022 Competitive Season  

Acceptance Fee – Players are asked to decline or accept their placement on a competitive team by the  deadline given in their placement email. To accept and secure their team position, members must pay a  $125 non-refundable Acceptance Fee (on-line payment only).  

Uniform Surcharges – Uniforms will need to be ordered so that you receive in time for the fall season.  Uniforms run on a 2-year cycle and this coming fall season will be the first season of the new cycle. This  will be the next deadline and expense for you. The cost of the uniform is approximately $150.  Information regarding ordering the uniform will be forthcoming once we have received your  acceptance. 

Early Bird Discount – The club is happy to offer a discounted paid in full rate for members that pay the  entire fee by Aug 1, 2021. To qualify for the fee an online credit card / debit payment must be  submitted before 11:59 pm on the due date. 

Installment Plan – The club also offers a convenient installment plan that splits the fee into automatic  draft payments. The installment plan requires members to sign up and authorize an automatic recurring  payment according to the schedule detailed above. Due to the increased payment processing costs  associated with accepting multiple payments, the installment plan includes an additional $30 fee. Fees  are charged incrementally on each installment payment ($10 each). 

Missed Payment Fee – If an installment plan automatic draft payment is missed for any reason, a $25  fee will be added to the member’s account. 

Late Acceptance Fee – Members who accept their placement after June 15, 2021 will incur a $25 late  fee. Please understand that late acceptances often result in increased costs for the club. They may cause  roster changes, age group shuffling, additional coaches beyond the original budget, and other time  intensive tasks. It is members’ responsibility to monitor the late acceptance deadline and submit the  required forms on time. It is unusual for these late fees to be waived. 

Financial Aid – Southwest Virginia Rush strives to provide a high-quality experience for players of all  ages, ability, interest, and economic levels. Rush sets aside a finite amount of funds to award each year,  based on the club’s annual budget. Generally, families who qualify for school nutrition programs  free/reduced price meals are eligible. Please read below for more information on the eligibility  requirements or contact the Club Treasurer at with any additional questions. 

Refund Policy – Non-refundable. In certain unusual circumstances an account credit may be issued for a  future season. Requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and subject to executive committee  review and approval. 




SWVA Rush 

P.O. Box 1773

Radford, VA 24143 

Phone: 410.271.3897


Monday - Thursday: 9:00a - 4:00p

Friday: 10:00a - 2:00p

Saturday & Sunday: Closed